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The introspective soul of David Gray, infused with vivid storytelling and emotive melodies. My music offers a fresh journey through life's highs and lows wrapped in rich, soulful sounds.

From using my parents' vinyl records as frisbees to creating music that resonates with the soul, my journey has been through stages of inventive creativity, adventurous spirit, and a quest for emotional depth. Now, as I release my first studio album and embark on the next chapter, I invite you to join me on this continuing musical adventure to find the universe in each of us.

The new album “In Boxes" is a journey of self-discovery, challenging the listener to break free from their own 'boxes' and explore the vast, uncharted territories of their inner selves.

The album is currently only available on this site and will soon be released. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing. I'd love to take you along on my musical journey..

Malc Slate


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